Welcome to the Brevimode Website

As one of the successful civil, construction, technology and materials manufacturing company’s within Southern Africa, Brevimode Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Dawn Holdings Pty Ltd, a black owned and managed infrastructure company with a balanced portfolio of businesses offering multi-disciplinary construction, engineering skills, business consulting and expertise to deliver any aspect of an infrastructural project using new technology, including concept development and design.

Brevimode (Pty) Ltd is a company established to specialise in civil engineering solutions and construction with an emphasis on housing, civil Infrastructure, roads, healthcare and industrial facilities, commercial buildings and infrastructure projects such as water, development finance and waste water treatment plants.

We treat each project as unique, thus ensuring that each project receives the best combination of our engagement team members and expertise. We put our minds over the challenges – no matter the size and magnitude of the project. With new technology in civil and construction, Brevimode has played a major role in the development of southern Africa’s infrastructure, housing, achieving a reputation both nationally and internationally for innovation and professionalism.

Brevimode has evolved from being a single disciplinary contractor into an integrated contracting model with the ability to:

  • create opportunities to develop its own contracts;
  • deliver complete turnkey contracts